Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bridesmaid & Bridal Gown Sale

Hello readers! Found another potential wedding deal for you here:

Sizzling Summer Sale
Don't think it's just "prom dresses" because they have everything for weddings too! TJ Formal has wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, as well as other styles for teen events. Check it out. You may just find a great deal for your attendants or for yourself!
Happy Shopping!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Groomsmen Gift Sale - 1 Week

Another sale to report! Looking for groomsmen gifts? Starting today, there is a great sale happening at our affiliate partner site. Get up to 50% off certain gifts, including flasks & silver accessories. Click this link below to view all the sale item options:

Groomsman Gifts at The Knot Wedding Shop
Happy shopping! This sale ends next week - Sept. 2nd

Monday, August 25, 2008

Money Saving Wedding Reception Decor & Guest Favor Idea

Hello bargain hunters...

We have a fun idea for your wedding reception. Have you been wondering what to give guests as a wedding favor? Are you still trying to decide on either an aisle runner idea or reception table decor ideas? What about this...

Buy individual sized potted flowers or plants. For an outdoor wedding (or indoor even), these would make an excellent aisle runner! Beautiful flower annuals would also make lovely wedding reception table decor as well. Think of the color splash they would provide.
Once you've put them to use in your decor, give them away to guests as they leave! Wedding decor, and wedding guest favors all in one. Very budget friendly! Not to mention eco-friendly as well...
Good luck! For more money saving tips and budgeting ideas, visit!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Are You Searching for Bridesmaid Gifts?

Hello friends,
If you're looking for a good deal on bridesmaid gifts for your special wedding attendants, we found a great deal for your shopping enjoyment here -

Bridesmaid Gifts at The Knot Wedding Shop
Some of their sale items are bracelets, leather flasks (for groomsmen gifts too), personalized bags and totes, tank top shirts that say 'bride' or 'bridesmaid', and many other personalized wedding gifts! This deal is only good from Wed, Aug. 20th until next Tuesday, Aug. 26th. Shop fast! Getting wedding party gifts on sale will save you some wedding budget $$!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Cheapest Wedding Venues

Hello wedding bargain hunters! Are you wondering what the cheapest wedding venues are? In general, we've found these places to be the most affordable venues for weddings:

  • Local community centers
  • A church that you're a member of/attend
  • A public park or garden
  • A friend or family member's yard/property
  • Beaches
  • Your local courthouse
Some of these may have a cost that's actually "free", although all will have costs associated with them one way or another. Each one has advantages and disadvantages, but it all comes down to what you want! After all, it's your wedding...
Wedding Shop Online

Friday, August 8, 2008

Wedding Planning Expenses Help

This post is a follow-up from our previous post (please read that one first :-). So, how can you save money on the "planning expense" of your wedding?

Do as much as you can via the web, phone and e-mail.

There is a wealth of information on the web and pictures to help you plan. If you find the perfect bouquet photo, e-mail it to your florist instead of driving it over! If you're renting items, ask your rental company for their website address so you can check out pictures that way. Ask for pictures of a vendor's work via e-mail or web. Most reputable companies now have websites.

As far as your time goes, there are two viewpoints to consider while trying to minimize your time as an 'expense'.

1. Have a shorter engagement so your planning doesn't seem to drag on endlessly. Although, that means a more intense, yet shorter planning period.
2. Use a longer engagement to spread out planning tasks. However, be cautious. The temptation is greater with a long engagement to plan, change, re-plan, change it up again, obsess, and become Bridezilla! Discipline yourself to have short flurries of planning task time periods.

We offer a free wedding budget tracker form for download on this page at the bottom of the article text. This article will also help you decide whether you should hire wedding planner help or not.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bet You Didn't Know About This Wedding Expense...

So you're keeping track of your wedding budget. Flowers - $450. Venue - $800. Wedding Dress - $599. Groom's Tux - $99. Etc., etc. There is another wedding expense that you're probably not even aware of. It's called "Planning Expenses". What am I talking about? Here goes:

1. GAS. Getting to boutiques, checking out venues, interviewing vendors, picking out colors, etc., is costing you money. Who knows how much you've spent so far in gas!!

2. Shipping. Although you can get some great deals via the web for wedding items (and will save you gas $), don't exclude shipping costs when you're calculating your expenditures.

3. Planning Tools. Books, magazines, trackers, and other planning services & items, are an upfront expense. However, these tools may actually save you some money in the long run!

4. Time! Your time is valuable. Some people are of the opinion that time is money. Not sure I share that view completely, yet it is something you should take into consideration.

In our next post, we will investigate a few ways to make your planning process more efficient and reduce the costs associated with it. Come back later this week!!

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