Thursday, January 29, 2009

Contacting Wedding Vendors

Hi wedding barain hunters,

If you're getting married in 2009, your wedding budget may be tight. Here is a tip to consider when you are contacting your potential wedding vendors -

1. Immediately ask if they have any special deals right now.
2. Explain your budget $$ amount allocated for their particular category and see if they have a product or service option that will accommodate that budget.

By asking these things, the benefits to you could include
- the vendor might make up a special on the spot, just because you asked for one.
- you won't waste your time with vendors who don't fit into your budget.
- if they can't help you, the vendor may refer to you alternate sources that can accommodate your request/budget.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bridesmaid Attendant Gifts for under $10

Looking for a nice, yet economical gift for your wedding's bridesmaids and flower girl? Once again, we've found a deal!

Wedding Attendant Bracelets - These accents make great gifts for your special ladies. Check out the gorgeous Circle of Friendship Bracelet, only $9.99 with FREE personalization! Click the link below:

Wedding Supplies at The Knot Wedding Shop

This is a great deal, especially since the personalization is free! Sale ends next week - January 27th! Check it out quick...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Massive Sale at Alaska Airlines

Need to find a cheap honeymoon or destination wedding flight? This is one of the best sales I've seen from Alaska Airlines... If you're flying out from Boise, Seattle or Portland airports, check these deals out!

Good luck! Sale ends January 24th

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wedding Reception Cameras - Cheap!

Wow - this is just about as cheap as they come! $2.99 for disposable wedding reception cameras at the knot's wedding shop. This deal is for 1 week only - January 7th through January 13th!
Get yours now:

Wedding Cameras On Sale at The Knot Wedding Shop
These cameras are just fun to have a wedding receptions. Guests use them to capture candid shots of each other and of the bride & groom. Of course the wedding photographer's pictures will be stunning, but having these disposable wedding cameras to supplement the professional photos is so fun!

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