Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bridesmaid Gifts Sale

Just got a notification about some great sale items... on bridesmaid gifts, including personalized bags, jewelry boxes, bracelets, tanks & tees, etc. Check it out - click the graphic below:

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Economy Woes Got Your Wedding Budget Down?

Yep. Money is tight for many people right now. However... weddings must go on! Here's the good news - You can still have a great wedding even though prices are up! If money's in a crunch, that just means you need to be a little more creative, that's all.

Could you make this free idea work at your event? *Wedding Dessert Bar*
Ask 12 friends of the family to bring a dessert plate (of whatever they'd like or assign them an item) to the reception on a plate that matches your decor (black, white, ivory, red, silver, whatever). Ask them to bring enough of their item for approx. 25-30 people. Bite sized would be even better and go even farther! 12 people X 25 cookies/brownies/tarts/etc. each should feed about 100 guests comfortably. If 12 people brought 40 bite sized items, that could potentially feed about 135.
Next, set up a long table, decorate it up and leave blank spots for platters & plates. As these people arrive, they can fill in the blank spots with their desserts. Once you add wedding cake to the mix, people will be loving this reception! So will you, since you only spent $$ on your cake!
You could also alter this idea to make it be donated hors d'oeuvres instead!

Go save some money... :-)
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Monday, October 20, 2008

Cheap Wedding Accessories & Decor Items

Looking for some cheap wedding accessories (like guest books, pens, flower petals, favor boxes, cake toppers, picture frames, card boxes) or misc. ceremony and reception decor items (such as pearl strands, tulle fabric, silk flowers, decorative sand, glass vases, ribbon, candles)??

A great place to START looking is at fabric or craft stores. They almost always have a wedding section AND they almost always have some sort of mega sale or special coupon to take advantage of. You can get some serious deals when you shop fabric and craft store sales and coupons, not to mention they have loads of ideas right there to help you get creative.

Take a look at here and see what kind of deal you can find!

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Happy hunting... :-)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wondering how to set up this wedding reception decor feature?
Here goes: (see one of our previous posts for the complete supplies list)
Step 1. Get your 8" round table and place each leg on top of your 4, very sturdy wooden boxes/cement blocks (or similar). Don't worry - no one will see these!!
Step 2. Place a table cloth on your round table, then place your sturdy boxes on top - right in the middle of the round table.
Step 3. Put another table cloth over the boxes. It will be too big, but strategically drape it and make the extra fabric mound up here and there.
Step 4. Use tulle fabric here and there to cascade down off the top boxes. Let it mound up here and there too.
Step 5. Do the same with your Christmas light strands. Make sure you have a power strip underneath the table, or hidden underneath a cloth.
Step 6. Place sand, and then candles in your glass candle holders/containers. Next, place them on top of the top boxes, and also on the main round table randomly. Use at least one large one on the very top, but 3 would be better. Mix up the sizes next to each other in other areas.
Step 7. Get out your 4, 6' or 8' rectangular tables and create a large square around what you've made so far. Be sure to get the tables as close as possible to each other and to the round table.
Step 8. Put table cloths on the rectangular tables, and pull some of the tulle from the middle onto them in a few places so it all looks connected.
Step 9. Place glass rocks, tea lights and some smaller votive holders, etc. on the rectangular tables. Light all the candles just before guests arrive. Keep the candle flames away from fabric!
Step 10. Bring on the food!
Step 11. Enjoy and take a picture!
For added impact, bring some tulle down from the ceiling if possible, or hang a chandelier right above this feature. If you have spare flowers, place them randomly on the tables as well.
Have fun!
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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Planning a "Green" Wedding?

Want to plan an eco-friendly wedding? This Go "Green" - Eco-Wedding Ideas & Tips eBook is a must have! 70, full color photos, lots of specific decor ideas, 19 pages packed full of practical ideas, solutions & more green best practices for anyone wanting to implement green wedding ideas for their event.
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Monday, October 6, 2008

Wedding Invitation, Guest Favor & Accessories Deal

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wedding Ring Coupons - Get Deals Now!


Next post - real examples of cheap wedding ideas used at last week's HUGE wedding event (which I assisted with)! Expect that either tomorrow morning, or Saturday morning. Come back quick!

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