Saturday, September 27, 2008

Huge Wedding Decor Impact, Small Cost

Hello my wedding bargain buddies!
Last Friday, I helped assemble reception decor for a large wedding. In fact, there were so many guests that a huge tent had to be rented! Tents are fun, but the scale of them is sometimes daunting for appropriately sized decorations. Big space, requires big decor.

Check out this picture:
To achieve this look, you will need the following items:

  • A round table
  • 4, 6" rectangular tables
  • 4, sturdy wood blocks, cinder blocks, or similar
  • 2 bolts of tulle fabric
  • 10 table cloths (or 6 table cloths and other fabric)
  • A couple sturdy boxes
  • 16-20 glass candle holders of various shapes/sizes
  • Tealights, votives & pillar candles
  • 6 strands of white Christmas lights
  • Sand
  • Food!

Stay tuned for our assembly instructions for this massive wedding reception decor feature!

Monday, September 22, 2008

We Added Something New!

We've added something new at the bottom of this Blog... scroll down and check it out! If you enjoy "green" eco-friendly wedding products... you're gonna love this...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Dollar Store Wedding Decor

TGIF Readers!

Have you checked out the dollar stores lately? I did last week, and found several items that I can use for an upcoming wedding I'm assisting with.
One, very cheap wedding table decor idea (that we're using for this particular wedding) uses shallow glass bowls or shaped glass vases (must be shallow), fresh flowers to match the wedding floral theme (lilies), clear glass rocks or marbles, tea lights, and votive candles. In keeping with a simple, elegant and sparkly environment we are trying to create, our reception table set-up will be a snap! We'll fill the shallow bowls/vases partially with water. Next, we will insert ONE lily that will drape over the side. Surrounding the vase, several votives and tea lights will be lit. Adding even more sparkle, will be the clear glass rocks spread out randomly around the vase and candles.
Lovely, cheap and simple wedding reception table decor! Browse the dollar store in your area and see what you can find to save wedding budget money. For more brilliant ideas... please visit our main table decor article HERE!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

More Cheap Wedding Cake Ideas

OK - I have another great idea for getting a good wedding cake deal. It's simple, yet effective! It will work especially well if you want a simple cake, and you already have your cake topper or will be using fresh flowers as decor/topper.

Buy pieces of the cake (the tiers) separately. Call a bakery or grocery store bakery and DO NOT say you want a wedding cake. The minute the words "wedding cake" come out of your mouth... there is an instant markup - cha-ching$$. Ask to purchase plain white or ivory frosted, round or square cakes and see what happens. Hey, for all they know, you could be a PTA mom buying cakes for the school's cake walk!

It's so easy to put your own ribbon around each tier and to place your own topper on the cake!! Anyone with an artistic eye can easily place some fresh flowers around it too, and create a lovely floral topper. Try this tip, and see how it works for you. Good luck!

For more wedding cake pictures and wedding planning ideas, visit!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Need a Cheap Wedding Cake?

Hello friends,

Just wanted to tell you about a great wedding cake deal. This weekend, I was the matron of honor in a wedding.

I don't have pictures of the cake yet, but it was lovely! It was a 3-tiered cake, with white and red frosting that served 100 guests. When I asked the bride where she got it and how much it cost, I was very surprised. She paid $115 for the cake at WalMart! It came with everything necessary to set it up, including a take-home box to save the top tier, decorative silk ivy and the tier set up pieces. WOW - what a deal. She purchased her cake topper from, which was from the coastal mist wedding collection.

If you're looking for a cheap wedding cake, consider your local WalMart if it has a bakery dept. That deal is hard to beat...

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