Monday, November 2, 2009

Live Wedding Music?

Are you considering having a live band or musicians play or sing at your wedding ceremony or reception? If so, are you wondering what some money saving ideas are? That answer depends on what exactly you are looking for.

Musicians - could be used for ceremony or reception
Soloists - normally used in the ceremony to sing a special song during communion or a sand or candle ceremony.
Ensemble - typically used for pre-ceremony and start of ceremony music
Live Band - reception dancing time!

Where do you see live music fitting in to your wedding? What kind of wedding budget do you have? For the most frugal weddings, usually having live music is out of the question. However, if your heart is set on it, here are a few ideas:
  • Check with your local church. Bigger churches often have an abundance of great singers and musicians.
  • Check with your local college or university's music departments.
  • Ask talented friends, family members or friends of the family to use their talents.
  • Scour MySpace to find local bands who are willing to work cheap. Try to attend one of their shows before you commit to hiring them!
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