Monday, May 3, 2010

Save Money - Hire a Wedding Planner

Is that possible, you say? How in the world could I hire a planner and save money? My answer is this; sometimes, you can't afford not to.

Let's face it; we are busy people, and usually have something better to do. For those of us with nothing better to do, a complete DIY wedding makes sense. For the rest of us...not so much!

If the following things do not sound feasible (or enjoyable) to you, consider hiring a consultant to help your wedding process out:

- Driving across the region, matching napkins to bridesmaid dresses, spending countless hours that could otherwise have been productive.
- Having guest favor "parties," where you rope all your friends and relatives in to tie tiny bows on tiny boxes for hours.
- Calling 8 wedding supply rental companies in your county, only to discover you've gotten quotes for the wrong thing.
- Spending your precious hours the morning of the wedding sorting and assembling reception table flowers instead of enjoying and relaxing.

You get the picture! OK, I was a bit extreme with those examples, but believe me they happen often. Remember, you can hire a planner to do certain portions of the wedding if you feel efficient with certain aspects.
Yes, this is not our normal post with DIY suggestions and cheap wedding tips. However, for some people (you know who you are) this recommendation of hiring a wedding planner will actually save you money...and stress...and time.

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